Qualities of Mentors

What qualities are generally seen as relevant to being a good Mentor?

A successful Mentor should be:

  • interested in being a Mentor.
  • a person with stimulating ideas.
  • someone interested in discussing the ideas of others.
  • someone with skills to exchange.
  • supportive of change - personal, institutional, educational.
  • able to adapt to change in time to influence and control future developments.
  • able and willing to give time to the relationship to allow it to develop.
  • ready to share concerns with other Mentors.
  • a coach rather than a counsellor.
  • open, inspiring trust and confidentiality.
  • encouraging, helping Candidates to value their own work and development.
  • focussed in approach, sharing clear aims, goals or objectives.
  • able to inspire confidence.
  • deserving respect, but not demanding respect.
  • knowledgeable, but not overbearing or pedantic.

The Provincial Mentor needs to encourage people with these skills, or the ability to gain them, to come forward and ensure the continued success of our Order. It is a chance to serve the Craft in a meaningful and rewarding way that will have ramifications in relation to our membership levels for many years to come.

The appointment of Provincial Mentors will ensure a consistent approach to the subject of mentoring not only across Provinces, but also across the whole of the Craft.

The importance of the Provincial Mentor cannot be overemphasised. Without a Provincial Mentor, there is no structured training programme for Lodge Mentoring Coordinators and Mentors. Without suitably qualified Mentors at Lodge level, care of the Candidate will suffer and we shall undoubtedly pay the price.


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