Provincial Mentor's Duties

What does a Provincial Mentor do?

In simple terms, just as a Mentor supports a Candidate, so the Provincial Mentor supports Mentoring Coordinators and Mentors working within the Lodges in the Province. He will be appointed by the Provincial Grand Master with express instructions to provide a scheme of training and support across the Province. 

Provincial Mentor = Training and Support

As a minimum, his duties should include the following:

  • Maintain an up-to-date database of Lodge Mentoring Coordinators, their addresses, telephone numbers and, more importantly, e-mail addresses for frequent updates and training information. pdficon small Sample letter from Provincial Grand Master to a new Lodge Mentoring Coordinator
  • Organise Mentor Training Days at least once a year, so that ideas can be exchanged and new initiatives explored. Training of Mentors is essential if the Mentoring programme is to succeed and workshops held should ideally contain professional material. e.g. ms powerpoint Active Listening Skills PowerPoint Presentation
  • Depending on the size of the Province, encourage the establishment of support groups, so that networking is possible between Sister and nearby lodges.
  • Actively pursue those lodges without Mentoring Coordinators, to encourage the adoption of the Scheme and offer to visit with a ms powerpoint Road Show Powerpoint Presentation, a pdficon small Short Paper on Mentoring or other events to publicise the scheme.
  • Encourage lodges to 'publicly' appoint their Lodge Mentoring Coordinator at the annual Installation Meeting, and to amend their ceremony of Initiation to allow the introduction of the individual Mentor to the Candidate immediately after the "Charge" is delivered.
  • Report to the Provincial Executive or training committee as appropriate, with regular periodic returns on Mentor numbers, successes, problems and training initiatives. For this reporting function to be meaningful, rather than dependant upon anecdotal evidence as is presently often the case, it must be linked to a pdficon small Lodge Mentoring Report prepared and submitted by the Lodge Mentor.
  • Provide the Provincial Grand Master with the necessary material to promote the scheme in his Address to the annual meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge.
  • Enable the Provincial Grand Master to report on the progress of the scheme and draw to the attention of the assembled brethren its importance and the range of services the Provincial Mentor is able to provide.
  • Arrange new members' meetings and networking events for new masons, including dinners and informal meetings with wives and partners in a social environment, where at least one of the Rulers of the Province will be present.
  • Actively promote 'supported visiting'. This allows the new Candidate to be accompanied on visits to other lodges, where he can watch an appropriate ceremony, in the company of members of his own lodge.
  • Identifying and sharing best practice in mentoring around the Province, perhaps through a pdficon small Newsletter, an email network or at workshops.
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