The role of Mentor is the key position within the whole Mentoring process. It is the Mentor who imparts his knowledge, spends time with the Candidate, and guides and supports him throughout his Masonic journey. By helping him take the correct first crucial steps, you will be guiding him on a path that will change his life, and the lives of those around him, for the better.

The responsibilities of a Mentor are great, but the role is also, in many ways, an easy and enjoyable one. Mentoring is not rocket science. It is simply a process of spending time with a Candidate and exposing him to information in a controlled manner, i.e. small understandable chunks that he can easily digest, whilst making sure he starts to understand what is happening around him. Once he has basic Masonic knowledge, the focus will change from 'Teacher' to 'Mentor'. This may involve some elements of counselling, acting as a confidential advisor and being a role model. These are all things a Mentor will have done successfully many times before, but probably thought of it simply as "friendship". See Mentoring Relationship for further details on these different roles.

To find details of what the aims of a Mentor are, please read the section that is entitled Guidelines for Mentors. In this section you will also find information on some of the key Skills and Qualities of a Mentor, such as those relating to questioning and listening. There are also examples of Practical Activities that will help the Mentor support the Mentee's development.

Finally to help the Mentor develop the Masonic knowledge of his charge, there is a comprehensive selection of material in Mentoring Aids. This section includes information that that can be given to a new candidate, including explanations of all three Degrees and much, much more. It may found helpful to maintain an PDF Individual Record, especially if the additional assistance of brethren other than the Mentor are enlisted at any time.

The Mentor will have plenty of support both from the Lodge Mentoring Coordinator and the rest of the brethren, for it is in everyone's interest that he is successful in your role. 

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