What Does a Mentor Do?

 In short, he turns the key -

find key turn key open door

Turning the Key - Stimulate

The old adage of “You get out of it what you put in” is so true of Freemasonry. We all know of brethren who are fully active in many degrees and those who just enjoy the social side.

It is not the role of a Mentor to turn his charge into the former, but rather to let him find his own level of participation and to support him in doing so. In this way, he will be encouraged to maximize his participation and will remain enthusiastic about the organisation he has joined.

If the Candidate does not wish to embark on a path of continuous Masonic development, he should not be rushed. To be taken through each step of the learning process slowly will, in such cases, ultimately achieve better results.

It is important that the Candidate feels comfortable in his Masonry. At first he will have many questions and concerns that are at a quite basic level, such as when do we meet? What do I wear? etc. These basic questions should be answered before any attempt is made to introduce him to the more 'involved’ aspects of Freemasonry.

The diagram below explains the levels of development


As all good operative Masons know, we must have solid foundations upon which to build a strong structure. So it is with the Candidate. Cover the basics first, for only then will he be ready for the next step.