Practical Activities

The Candidate has a great deal of information to assimilate and you have a wealth of support material to give to him. Controlling access to the support material is perhaps one of your most important tasks, for the process must be governed by the Candidate's ability to digest the information and not by any wish on your part to proceed quickly to the next stage. Topics that can be covered alongside examples of support materials (such as symbolic explanations) are given in the section on Mentoring Aids.

Refer to the pdficon small Mentor's Check List for a description of the 4 stages of a Candidate's Masonic confidence and the mentoring activities which compliment those stages.

In the event of non-attendance of the Candidate, you should try to make immediate contact. There may be good reason for non-attendance, owing to family or business commitments and your enquiry should certainly not appear to imply criticism of any sort. The best approach is always the most genuine one, asking after his health, saying he was missed and that several of the brethren asked after him.

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