It is important you ask yourself 'Is it working?', but as communication is a two-way street, you will not know how comfortable the Candidate is with his membership of the Lodge, or indeed in his relationship with you, unless you encourage him to talk about himself. Remember, you may at this stage be the one person he feels he can talk to in confidence.

Hopefully his initial impressions of Freemasonry in general and of the Lodge in particular will be positive ones. However, it would not be surprising if within that generally positive framework there appeared to be one or two negative areas and, if so, it should not be too difficult to identify the specific problems and address them.

In the event that feedback from the Candidate is generally negative, then of course you have a problem of a very different kind. It is essential to try and work out what has gone wrong before you start making decisions and you should immediately confer with the Lodge Mentoring Coordinator with a view to establishing the best course of remedial action available. It may be that, despite your best efforts, the Candidate does not feel Freemasonry is for him. Alternatively, it may be that the relationship between you and the Candidate has not developed as it should and the appointment of another Mentor may meet with greater success. In such circumstances, you should not feel embarrassed for it takes two people to form a meaningful relationship and although you may well have done everything you could to make it work, it naturally will not do so unless your efforts are reciprocated.

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