If the Mentoring Programme is followed, the Lodge will have a new member with a clear understanding of the fundamentals of Freemasonry and who will have met and enjoyed the company of members of the Lodge. By joining the Lodge of Instruction, if one is available, he will have become involved in the ritual and ceremonial proceedings of the Institution more quickly than may otherwise have proved possible. He should therefore be in a position to thoroughly enjoy his Freemasonry. In short, by looking after, taking care of and instructing the new Brother, the Lodge has gained a valuable new addition to its membership and the Craft in general is strengthened.

Be in no doubt that the future of Freemasonry is in the hands of our newer Brethren.

But in whose hands are they?

Who is shaping those that will shape the future of the Order?

As a Masonic Mentor you will not only be helping your charge to embark on a full and enjoyable Masonic career, but also safeguarding the future of your Lodge.

And who knows? 

Maybe the future of Masonry