Guidelines for Mentors

 Masonic Mentoring is about Making a Difference

" calls on you to afford assistance and instruction to the Brethren in the inferior Degrees."
3rd Degree Address to the Candidate

Congratulations! To be selected as a Mentor for the Freemasons of the future is true recognition of your Masonic integrity, enthusiasm and ability. This is your opportunity to share your knowledge and experience and to guide newer brethren to fulfil their Masonic potential.

This section, "Guidelines for Mentors", is designed to introduce you to the concept of Mentoring, assist you in your role and help you to "make a difference".

"Walk towards the edge" he said,
"We're afraid," they said.
"Walk towards the edge" he said,
"We're afraid," they said.
"Walk towards the edge" he said,
They walked towards the edge.
He pushed them....
and they flew.
Guillaume Apollinaire

You will know of other Mentors in your own and perhaps other Lodges. If so it will be good to speak to them about Mentoring from time to time, to exchange ideas and best practice. Look out for any training opportunities and workshops that may be available for you to attend in the Province, and keep in close contact with your Lodge Mentoring Coordinator who will be very interested in the progress you are making.

But most importantly - enjoy yourself and have fun

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