Mentoring Schemes

Successful mentoring schemes often comprise several components.

  • The first of these components involves the Personal Mentor, who performs one-to-one mentoring with his mentee and undertakes the day-to-day implementation of the scheme. Personal Mentors are great in number, as Lodges often appoint several to support and nurture their newer members.
  • The second component involves the Lodge Mentor, who acts as a local "mentoring scheme manager", directing and supporting his team of Personal Mentors, and sharing information with the Provincial Grand Mentor. The Lodge Mentor is the focal point for mentoring within his Lodge, and is responsible for the successful implementation of his Lodge's mentoring scheme.
  • The third component involves the Provincial Grand Mentor, who defines and enables his Province's mentoring scheme, and works with Lodge Mentors to ensure its successful local delivery. The Provincial Grand Mentor assists and guides Lodge Mentors, informing them of developments and organising events that bring together mentors and mentees from across his Province.
  • The fourth component refers to the Provincial Executive, which sets a mentoring scheme's objectives and directs the overall mentoring strategy within a Province.

The United Grand Lodge of England sits above this structure, acting as an essential conduit through which best practice can be shared.

From our personal knowledge of Freemasonry, we know that no single Mason can be an expert on all things Masonic; therefore, Lodge and Personal Mentors must receive the full support their Lodge, Province and Grand Lodge.


"Mentoring involves local delivery backed by central support."


exampleorganisation-provinceExample Scheme Organisation in a Province

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