Preparing for the Initiation

Upon election, the Lodge Secretary should send the Candidate a congratulatory letter, which should also confirm

  • Date, time and venue of ceremony.
  • Dress code.
  • Whether Candidate has any friends or associates he would wish to invite to attend as his personal guests.
  • Financial matters needing to be addressed on the evening.
  • Contact details for Lodge Mentor, or individual Mentor if one has been appointed.

A Mentor, or the Candidate's Proposer/Seconder, must meet with him to explain the general format of the evening and to prepare him for the toasts and for the brief response he will be called upon to make. Inform him that it is usual to thank the Proposer and Seconder and also the Junior Deacon, bearing in mind that at this point he will have little or no idea of the contribution which will be made by the Junior Deacon on the evening. The Candidate may not have any experience of public speaking, so emphasise that the response need only be very brief, as you do not want him to feel anxious about any aspect of the evening.

Arrange to collect the candidate from his home. If it is not possible for you to do so, arrange for another member of the Lodge to pick him up. This is a wonderful opportunity to answer last minute questions and to put him at ease.


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