Initiation Ceremony

Upon arrival at the Lodge building, ensure the Candidate is welcomed by the Worshipful Master and some of the members. Having been through an Introductory Meeting and/or Interview, not all will be strangers to him, but nevertheless, a few kind words will not go amiss and will help him relax.Do not let anyone joke with him about the ceremony and therefore expose him to false information (e.g. goat). Remember, he does not know what is humorous and what is not at this point of his Masonic career.

Show the Candidate where he is to be prepared and explain to him what the presentation entails. Introduce him to the Tyler and to the Junior Deacon.

If he is to use his own clothing he should not wear a singlet/vest and should remove any personal jewellery, such as rings, neck chain etc. If this is not entirely possible, use sticking plaster to cover the jewellery. It is important to be sensitive at this time as the Candidate may well not wish to remove a wedding ring for example and should not under any circumstances feel pressurised to do so.

Be sure that his own clothing is arranged in such a way that it will remain in position and will not unravel during the ceremony, possibly causing embarrassment.

Tell the Candidate what is expected of him and assure him that he will be told exactly what to do and when to do it.

Naturally, you will undertake some of this work in conjunction with Bro Tyler, being careful not to usurp his position. However, as the Candidate may have been introduced to the Tyler only a few minutes earlier, it is important you stay with him during preparation and enter the Lodge behind him.

It is recommended that the Mentor assigned to the Candidate should be formally identified by the Worshipful Master, invited to the pedestal and introduced to the Candidate immediately after the Charge is delivered.

pdficon small Suggested wording for introduction of Candidate to Mentor