Beyond the 3rd Degree

Answering the Questions of Family and Friends

As the Candidate becomes accustomed to life as a Master Mason, he will naturally wish to talk about Freemasonry within the circles he keeps both at home and at work. Indeed, he will doubtless face many questions from both family and friends, curious to learn about his new found interest. As a relatively new mason he will likely be unsure as to what he may divulge to others about Freemasonry, perhaps taking his Obligations too literally.

It is important to discuss this particular issue with him, for if through lack of knowledge or confidence he responds to questions negatively with 'I can not tell you, it is a secret', he will of course be perpetuating the very myth we are trying so hard to dispel. It is only by pdficon small Talking About Freemasonry, that we are able to convince the uninformed and popular world of the benefits of our ancient Institution.

The Holy Royal Arch

Upon becoming a Master Mason, the Candidate may well be approached by friends who, with the best of intentions, may encourage him to join other Orders and there are many. All these Orders are no doubt enjoyable, they will increase his general Masonic knowledge and he may eventually join some of them. At this point however, you must issue a word of caution . Remind the Candidate that he must never involve himself in Freemasonry to an extent that compromises the interests of his family and business and that it is, therefore, unwise to become over involved too quickly. Encourage him to develop his knowledge of Freemasonry one step at a time and impress upon him that the next step in Pure Antient Masonry is the Holy Royal Arch .

It is very important to ensure that the Candidate becomes a Royal Arch Mason before considering membership of any other Order. You should therefore provide him with an explanation of the pdficon small relationship between the Craft and the Holy Royal Arch and encourage him to take that next step as soon as he feels ready to do so. Introduce him to an enthusiastic Royal Arch mason, of a similar age, if possible.

(If you, the Mentor, are not a Royal Arch Mason, you must enlist the assistance of a Companion of the Order to explain its relationship to the Craft)