After Raising

3tbThe 3rd Degree Tracing BoardYou should start by congratulating the Candidate on taking his next step in Freemasonry and handing to him a pdficon small personal letter from the Provincial Grand Master. Then embark upon a step by step explanation, and encourage the Candidate to question what is being said on each subject

  • Symbolic explanation of the Third Degree ceremony (pdficon small two alternatives).
  • pdficon small Applying the principles of Freemasonry to our everyday lives
  • Ensure the Candidate is proficient in the Third Degree signs and take the opportunity to remind him of those in the First and Second Degree. It is also a good time to remind him of the grip and words of each of the three Degrees.
  • Ensure that the candidate owns a ritual book of his own. Encourage him to read it in short passages over a period of time and to discuss with you the meaning of those passages and any abbreviations he is as yet unable to understand.
  • pdficon small Life as a Master Mason
  • pdficon small Lodge of Instruction
  • pdficon small Grand Lodge Certificate
  • pdficon small Visiting other Lodges
  • Encourage the Candidate to engage in social activities at every opportunity. These may vary considerably from relatively low key Lodge gatherings such as Treasure Hunts etc, through Ladies' Nights, to events such as 'Light Blues' Club or Dinner Dances organised at a Provincial level. Involvement of the family is important - remember, a mason with a supportive family tends to remain a mason .
  • pdficon small Conclusion - being a Mason in the world